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Holava joined the Virginia Wesleyan University men’s lacrosse staff in the Fall of 2018. The Syracuse, N.Y. native brings a plethora of lacrosse knowledge to the program. Prior to joining the Marlins, Holava spent five years as the head varsity boy’s lacrosse coach at Catholic High School. Growing up in Central New York, Holava was in a lacrosse hotbed. He played at SUNY Cortland, a Division III powerhouse, which saw the team get to the NCAA Championship Final Four once and the Quarterfinals twice. After three years there, he transferred to Virginia Wesleyan and was part of the inaugural program in 1991. That season he not only led the conference in scoring but also set the former DIII record for assists in a game with 11. In his second year with the Marlins, he was named 2nd Team All-ODAC and was chosen to represent VWU in the 1992 North/South All-Star game. Holava has also served as the Commissioner for HRLAX, the Boys HS Lacrosse league in Virginia Beach. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the US Lacrosse. He is active in his community and coaches numerous youth and travel teams.

Boys Lacrosse Stats Definitions

Boys’ lacrosse statistics provide a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic and exhilarating world of this fast-paced sport. From goals and assists to faceoff percentages and ground ball recoveries, these statistics capture the individual and team...

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Call for Coaches

We are currently recruiting boys and girls coaches. The need for boys and girls lacrosse coaches is essential in fostering the development and success of young athletes. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, physically demanding sport that requires a high level...

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How to Beat a Zone Defense

Zone defense in lacrosse is a defensive strategy where defenders cover specific areas of the field rather than individual offensive players. To beat a zone defense in lacrosse, you need to be able to move the ball quickly and accurately to create...

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10-Man Ride

When it gets down to the last minute and an ill-advised shot goes without backup, call out your wheels for a 10-man ride. The 10-man ride is an aggressive scheme meant to trap an opponent in its own end and create a turnover. It requires using your...

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Win or Lose

Only one team wins the Super Bowl. For each player on the Kansas City Chiefs going to Disney World after the game, there is a player on the Eagles going home disappointed without the joy of victory. It’s a lot like life. Sometimes we...

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A Suggestion for the Loud Coach

I’d love to see lacrosse coaches limit their instruction and direction of players only to practice, timeouts, and quarter breaks. Men’s college lacrosse, particularly – with the exception of a handful of programs – has become a coach’s...

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Spot the Rookie Coach

In one of my long car rides with a good friend of mine and a veteran lacrosse coach, we talked about poor coaching. What is it that makes some coaches “bad”? And we were not talking about the coaches who have losing records rather we were looking...

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16 Defensive Tips

How is your defensive game? Do attackers with quick feet blow by you? Are you losing time on the field because you just can not seem to be effective enough in the back? Defense is tremendously hard. It seems like in any sport you play, whether it’s...

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757 Lacrosse Free Clinic

Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the USA. It is fun to play and watch and helps develop athleticism, agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination like no other sport. Getting started is easy! Register for our free lacrosse clinic for boys and...

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10 Reasons We Shouldn’t Yell

This March Madness, one the most talked about moments was this exchange between Michigan State Tom Izzo and Aaron Henry during a timeout in the first-round game. Thanks to CBS, ESPN, and social media, this exchange has become viral, with many people...

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