757 Select Lacrosse

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757 Select Lacrosse

After years of coaching and teaching lacrosse in Hampton Roads and beyond, a group of coaches and others that love and respect the game of lacrosse got together to talk about the areas needs. It became apparent that the youth program had grown to the point that a “select” opportunity beyond just travel teams was needed. This group recognized that Coaching and Instruction were paramount to the players development.

They called on their network of lacrosse minds including Hall of Famers, NCAA Lacrosse Coaches, High School lacrosse Coaches, NCAA Officials, and elite players to start an elite Spring League for Hampton Roads and thus the 757 Select Lacrosse League was formed.

Simply put the mission of the 757 Select Lacrosse League is to provide a youth lacrosse program that promotes quality lacrosse, in a competitive environment, led by experienced and qualified Coaches. Bringing NCAA experience and coaching to this age group will elevate the level of lacrosse play in Hampton Roads and set the stage for young players to take advanced skills with them in their quest to play at the highest levels of competitive play. 757 Select Lacrosse League is made up of a group of experienced coaches and Board of Directors committed to elevating the game of lacrosse in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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We envision a future that offers everyone a lifelong opportunity to enjoy the sport of lacrosse. As Coastal Virginia's lacrosse training and information source, 757 Lacrosse Training provides leadership, structure and resources to fuel the sport's growth and enrich the experience of our participants.

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