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LacrossFit combines lacrosse-specific speed and strength training with high repetition position-specific skill instruction. LacrossFit focuses on developing strength, explosiveness, speed, power, stability, balance, lacrosse-specific muscle memory, and on-field IQ. Wall Ball Boot Camp LacrossFit weekly sessions are broken into two major components: speed and agility biomechanics, and core skill. Each component offers technical breakdown, dynamic drills, and competitions to maximize impact, develop the work ethic and push players past their comfort zones.

Wall Ball Boot Camp or LacrossFit?

LacrossFit is designed to work in tandem with our Wall Ball Boot Camp programs (which run on different days so that players can do both) to develop players during the off-season. While LacrossFit focuses on individual athletic development almost exclusively, Wall Ball Boot Camps apply individual skill development to larger team concepts and systems work. Registration is open to players with a strong desire to improve their game. Each player will leave each session exhausted and emerge after the eight-week program with the confidence and skills to be a step ahead of their competition going into the spring season.
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