How to Play Lacrosse

A lacrosse beginner is considered to be anyone who has been playing the sport for less than two years. Some children will advance quicker than others due to athletic ability and the amount of time they practice on their own. Age is also a factor; a fifteen-year-old is likely to advance faster than an eight-year-old. This section is a foundation for the beginning lacrosse player. It is an overview of the basic skills and concepts players need to know, and provides drills and games that foster the growth of these fundamentals.

These are skills that even the best players in the world work on, day in and day out. The thing about lacrosse is, the better you get at it, the more fun it becomes to play. If you can give yourself a strong foundation in all these basic fundamentals, then you will be well on your way to becoming a great player!


Beyond knowing basic footwork and obeying rules, it is unnecessary for a youth player to learn defense until he has reached this intermediate stage. It is important for youth players to be able to catch, throw, scoop, and cradle with a short stick before they move up to using a long stick on defense.

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Stick Work Drills

Intermediate level players should continue to work on the stick work drills that they learned as beginners. There is really no limit to how good a lacrosse player can become with his stick. Even the best players in the world work on their sticks everyday for better ball handling, passing, catching, and shooting.

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Intermediate level players, much more so than beginners, need to start concentrating on their shooting ability. Shooting is like other fundamentals in lacrosse. The more the player works at it, the better he will be. Most of the best players in the world grew up with a lacrosse goal in their backyard or in a nearby park, and spent hours a day shooting by themselves.

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As players start getting better and the ompetition starts improves, groundballs become more and more crucial to success. Less accomplished players can be important to successful teams by becoming workhorses and picking up every ground ball. Many of the best ground ball players in the game have the ability to pick up the ball using a variety of techniques.

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One aspect of lacrosse that players must continue to improve is cradling. The better a player gets at cradling, the better feel they have for having the stick in their hands and controlling the ball. Players should be encouraged to constantly have their sticks in their hands and practice cradling whether they are walking around outside or watching TV on their couch.

Watch Mikey Powell show you how it's done.

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