How to Play Lacrosse

A lacrosse beginner is considered to be anyone who has been playing the sport for less than two years. Some children will advance quicker than others due to athletic ability and the amount of time they practice on their own. Age is also a factor; a fifteen-year-old is likely to advance faster than an eight-year-old. This section is a foundation for the beginning lacrosse player. It is an overview of the basic skills and concepts players need to know, and provides drills and games that foster the growth of these fundamentals.

These are skills that even the best players in the world work on, day in and day out. The thing about lacrosse is, the better you get at it, the more fun it becomes to play. If you can give yourself a strong foundation in all these basic fundamentals, then you will be well on your way to becoming a great player!

Team Drills

There are two options when running transition drills. The first option is to have no trail checker and make it easier on the offense. The second way is to have a trail checker and make it more realistic for the defense. The first should be used early in the season and coaches can slowly work in a trail checker as the team becomes better with these drills.

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