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Learn to Play Lacrosse

These are skills that even the best players in the world work on, day in and day out.
The thing about lacrosse is that, the better you get at it, the more fun it becomes to play.


Scooping a ground ball in lacrosse is one of the most important skills in lacrosse. There are many opportunities in a game that require a player to scoop a ground ball. The scoop is a technique used to gain possession of the ball when it is on the ground. Watch the video


The technique that is used to keep the ball in the pocket is called a cradle. Cradling the ball is where a player twists his wrists and flexes his forearm back & forth as a way to cause the ball to stay in the pocket by the addition of centrifugal force. Watch the video

Passing & Catching

Most successful teams have the ability to move the ball quickly, and effectively transition from defense to offense. Fast break and quick attacks result when you have the ability to effectively pass the ball. Watch the Catching video | Watch the Passing video


While the mechanics of shooting are technical, we have simplified them into six major points. Shooting a lacrosse ball has elements of a batter's swing, a golfer's drive and a pitcher's throwing motion. Watch the video

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