10-Man Ride

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When it gets down to the last minute and an ill-advised shot goes without backup, call out your wheels for a 10-man ride. The 10-man ride is an aggressive scheme meant to trap an opponent in its own end and create a turnover. It requires using your goalie as the 10th rider, opening the cage for a potential long-range goal — risky business but worth the reward if executed.

Start in a traditional zone ride. Allow the goalie to carry until he nears the restraining line, then trigger the 10-man ride from the backfield as such:

  • Goalie leaves the cage to cover the opponent’s deepest attackman.
  • That attackman’s designated defender bumps up the field to cover the crease attackman, releasing the crease defender. The crease defender rotates to the opponent’s deepest midfielder (and potential outlet), and the center midfielder covers the opposite wingman, releasing their respective teammates on the wings.
  • The midfielders on each wing slide up the field to release the riding attackmen in front of them.
  • The center attackman pressures the ball-carrying goalie to make a pass and then locks him off.
  • All 10 players should have assignments to mark at this point, allowing the riding attackman to force the ball-carrying defenseman to the sideline or into a bad pass or turnover.

A 10-man ride relies on communication, especially with each release from behind, and requires sound attackmen. If a player gets beat, recall it and recover to the hole.

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