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The various leagues provide game-day uniforms which may be theirs to keep. The uniform is required for all games a player participates in. Each player must provide their own equipment that includes: lacrosse eye protection/goggles and mouthpiece. Women’s gloves are recommended, but not required.


The various leagues provide new shorts, jerseys, and a practice reversible pullover to each registered player which is theirs to keep. The issued uniform is required for a player to participate in games. Each player must provide some of his own equipment. This required equipment includes a helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arm pads, stick, gloves, and shoes. Rib pads and cups are recommended, but not required. The helmet must have the NCAA warning decal and bear NOCSAE approval. Hockey helmets and gloves are not allowed (note that helmets have limited life spans, usually 3 – 4 years, and should be replaced accordingly). Sticks must meet NFHS rules. Shoes must be rubber-soled cleats or sneakers (metal-tip cleats are not allowed).

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