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Tips for Attackmen to set you on your way to on-field success.

Make Him Play You

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Make your defenseman play you and you alone every second you are in the game. Keep moving all the time so that he must center his attention on you an not be in position to help out his fellow defensemen.

Away From the Defense

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In moving the ball around the circle, make all passes sharp, short, and to the outside, away from the defenseman.

Make Passes Hard

Make feed passes hard. No rainbow balls or hospital passes, please.

Never Stand Still

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When you have the ball, never stand still – keep moving all the time – if necessary run backwards and forwards – but keep moving. When you are ready to make a pass, take one step back quickly and move. If you are standing still, you’re wrong.

Feed Passes

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All feed passes must be thrown crsiply and accurately. If it’s a bad pass, do your best and make a great catch to help your buddy out.

Circle Away From Pressure

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Always move to meet every pass, and circle away from your defenseman.

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