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Arm Protection

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There is a large variety of arm protection in the market. Each is designed to balance protection and mobility. Some players want a lot of protection and are willing to have a bit less comfort and mobility. Others want to have minimal protection so they can have maximum mobility and comfort.

The best lacrosse elbow pads and arm pads offer protection from sticks and play to vital areas of the arm. But not all lacrosse pads are designed the same way. Before purchasing your new arm or elbow pads, you want to consider which style and fit are best for your game. 

Here are a few basic designs:

Arm Guard Features

  • Elbow cap is usually external to the pad for more protection
  • Longer upper arm protection than pads
  • All-around pad for ANY position
STX Cell 5 Arm Guards

Arm Pad Features

  • Easy slide on and off
  • Minimal size and protection
  • Popular with beginners
ECD Echo Arm Pads

Elbow Guard Features

  • Full enclosure (often called three-piece barrel design)
  • The MOST protection for arm and elbow
  • For attack and aggressive midfielders
Maverik Max Lacrosse Arm Guards

How to Choose Lacrosse Arm and Elbow Pads

When choosing your lacrosse arm and elbow pads, make sure you take your position and style of play into account. Defensive players and goalies need more coverage than attackers and offensive middies. So what you want will largely depend on whether you’re looking for lacrosse arm pads for attack, defense, or any position on the field.

To learn more, check out this complete guide on How to Choose Lacrosse Arm and Elbow Pads.

Now that you have an understanding of the different options of lacrosse arm and elbow pads we offer, it’s time to start finding the right set to elevate your game. Begin by checking out this full selection of lacrosse arm and elbow pads for men, women, and youth players. 

Arm and Elbow Pad FAQs

Do I need elbow pads for lacrosse?

Men’s lacrosse and youth lacrosse both require arm or elbow pads for play. Different leagues may have different rules as to what type of pads are necessary, so check with your association before purchasing.

What are lacrosse elbow pads made of?

The best lacrosse elbow pads are constructed with a mixture of composite materials and foam padding. Many also include durable plastic elbow caps and shielding.

How do lacrosse elbow pads fit?

Lacrosse elbow pads should fit snugly without slipping up and down or twisting side to side. They should also not be so tight that natural movements such as shooting, passing, and scooping the ball off of the turf is inhibited.

Lacrosse Arm Pad Sizing Chart

Different manufactures will have different sizes and fits on their arm protection. However, the below chart is a good frame of reference for what will fit and wear the best in most cases based on the player’s age, weight, and height.

SizeAge (Years)Weight (lbs.)Height (in.)
X-SmallUnder 5Under 50Under 3’4″
Small5 – 950 – 803’4″ – 4’6″
Medium9 – 1380 – 1304’6″ – 5’6″
Large13 – 18130 – 1805’6″ – 5’10”
X-Large18+180+5’10” & over
Lacrosse Arm Pad Sizing Chart

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